Examples of what has been done

An in-hospital programme that promotes consistent adherence to the latest care guidelines


Get With the Guidelines promotes consistent adherence to the latest care guidelines promoted by the American Heart Association.

What they did

Get With the Guidelines 1 is a hospital programme of support to improve adherence to clinical guidelines in HF care, in order to improve health outcomes in HF patients.

Areas of support include1:

  • Giving hospitals access to scientific research and publications
  • Education for health care professionals and patients
  • Clinical resources
  • Performance monitoring using an online patient management tool by the American Heart Association

Multidisciplinary hospital teams can sign up to use the patient management tool. Once they have entered 30 patient records they can assess the areas for improvement and make necessary amends in care to ensure better guideline adherence.

What they achieved?

The strategies adopted in Get With the Guidelines have successfully improved short-term mortality and hospital readmission rates in HF patients. 2

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