Examples of what has been done

Telemonitoring to help improve the quality of life for patients with heart failure


Heartcycle is an EU-funded project that develops integrated telemonitoring systems to measure and monitor vital signs in HF and coronary heart disease patients.

What they did

The project seeks to improve the monitoring of HF patients in two ways:

  1. to encourage patient self-monitoring at home to empower patients and increase adherence to treatment
  2. to allow health care staff to monitor patients’ health status for any signs of worsening of the condition

HF patients receive the tool for to allow them to measure health status and vital signs at home and receive motivating feedback on the treatment progress and effectiveness. The engagement of patients in their care is aimed at empowering them and improving adherence to treatment.

The information is automatically reported to the health care team at the hospital, who will receive alerts in case of a potential deterioration of the patient’s health status.

What they achieved?

Although the results are not yet available, the project ended in September 2013 and has reportedly achieved its primary goals. The Heartcycle project activities included:

  • research on what is needed in telemonitoring for HF and heart disease patients
  • conceptualisation and development of the Heartcycle technology and monitoring system
  • clinical trials to test the system
  • analysis of results

The full results of the project are due to be published in the future.

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