Examples of what has been done

A national internet-based HF registry


The RiksSvikt HF registry1 is an internet-based registry whereby participating healthcare institutions register their heart failure patients online using data transferred from indiviudual patient’s records.

What they did

Since 2003 the Registry has been available to register patients who have been diagnosed with HF. It records about 70 variables, including patient characteristics, diagnostics, lab results, symptoms, quality of life and treatment, in an online database managed by the Uppsala Clinical Research Center. After one year patients are followed-up to identify any changes in the condition, treatment and health outcomes.

All participating health care centres have immediate access to information about registered patients as well as data-based reports and statistics.

What they achieved?

The registry serves as a database for epidemiological research and a tool to monitor the quality of care and guideline adherence in treatment of HF patients.

Resources and other practical implications


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