Examples of what has been done

A multidisciplinary follow-up programme with involvement from sickness funds


PRADO is an HF management programme in France, which aims to improve continuity of care after patients are discharged from hospital1. This 6-month multidisciplinary follow-up programme is currently offered to HF patients covered by the Régime Général sickness fund (health insurance) as a pilot programme in five regions in France, with further roll-out planned in 2015.

What they did

The PRADO programme aims to ensure high quality follow-up for HF patients who return home from the hospital and to help avoid rehospitalisations.

The participating patients are assigned an insurance counsellor (Conseiller Assurance Maladie), who acts as a facilitator between health care professionals in the hospital, in the community and the patient.

The PRADO programme starts when the patient is still in hospital for HF and continues for a follow up period of 6 months after discharge. Patients who are deemed eligible to participate by the hospital medical staff receive a first visit from their insurance counsellor while still in hospital. Upon discharge the patients is given a follow-up journal and receives the necessary information about the programme. The insurance counsellor then sets up follow-up appointments with the GPs and cardiologist and the community and ensures that all appointments are realised.

The scheme is covered by the Régime Général and endorsed by the French Society for Cardiology.

What they achieved?

The PRADO programme is still in its piloting stage. So far 3,600 HF patients have participated in the pilot programme in 5 regions in France.

Links, references, and key reading

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