Examples of what has been done

Telemonitoring-facilitated collaboration between GPs and heart failure clinics


The TEMA-HF 1 study1 examined the impact of intensive follow-up of patients through a telemonitoring-facilitated collaboration between general practitioners and heart failure clinics in Belgium.

What they did

160 HF patients were randomised, with one half receiving telemonitoring follow-up for 6 months whereas the other half received usual care. Telemonitoring consisted of daily measurements of body weight, blood pressure and heart rate using an electronic device that transferred data automatically to an online database. GPs and heart failure clinics received e-mail alerts in cases where measurements indicated a worsening of the condition.

What they achieved?

Encouragingly, the telemonitoring- facilitated collaboration between GP’s and heart failure clinics improved health outcomes for HF patients in terms of mortality and days lost to hospitalization, death and dialysis.

Resources and other practical implications

The authors highlight that the study results need to be confirmed in a larger trial.

Links, references, and key reading

  1. Dendale P, De Keulenaer G, Troisfontaines P, et al. Effect of a telemonitoring-facilitated collaboration between general practitioner and heart failure clinic on mortality and rehospitalization rates in severe heart failure: the TEMA-HF 1 (TElemonitoring in the MAnagement of Heart Failure) study. Eur J Heart Fail 2012;14(3):333-40.