Spotlight Series

What is the Spotlight series?

The Spotlight series features evidence-based reports on topics at the forefront of debates and challenges in the future of heart failure (HF) care. The reports will highlight clinical challenges, policy issues, patient needs and best-practice case studies to support meaningful and sustainable improvements in care provision and research.

The Spotlight reports will be published in 2020 and will focus on the following key topics:

  1. HFpEF: heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
  2. Iron deficiency in heart failure
  3. Ongoing care and support in the community for people with heart failure
  4. Real-world performance mechanisms in heart failure care.


The HFPN is developing this series of reports to:

  • raise awareness of the challenges surrounding HF
  • give confidence to patient and clinical advocates of best practice regarding HF challenges and potential solutions
  • galvanise decision-makers to improve HF policy and care.


Who is this series for?

The Spotlight series will be of interest to all those who wish to know more about the challenges surrounding HF and seeking change in the healthcare system to improve HF care, including:

  • healthcare professionals
  • people with HF
  • patient advocates
  • advocates of best practice and health system reform
  • organisational leaders
  • political or public officials.


As with all materials produce by the HFPN, all content in the Spotlight series reports is educational and non-promotional, and is drafted by the HFPN Secretariat with the support from a Project Advisory Group. The content is guided by the literature and interviews with expert stakeholders. The HFPN would like to thank the experts who have supported this work via participation in the Project Advisory Group or interviews. We also thank our sponsors, Novartis Pharma and Vifor Pharma, for supporting this work.