Examples of what has been done

A charter on heart failure to call politicians to action


In 2013, leading professional societies and patient groups involved in heart failure in Belgium launched a charter calling upon Belgian health authorities to improve the delivery of care and political attention given to heart failure in Belgium.1

What they did

In 2013, the Belgian Working Group on Heart Failure (BWGHF) together with Mon Coeur Entre Parentheses (a patient group on HF), the Belgian Society of Cardiology, the Belgian Working Group of Cardiovascular Nursing and the Ligue Cardiologique Belge, issued a Charter on heart failure (la Charte de l’insuffisance cardiaque).

The Charter includes a clear call to action to relevant health authorities in Belgium to implement a national strategy focused on heart failure, which puts in place sufficient resources to help improve outcomes for patients – and to do this despite economic pressures on health care systems.

The charter calls for 4 additional key priority areas:

  1. Campaigns to raise awareness of heart failure among the general public and the organisation of national screening campaigns
  2. Education and support for all patients living with heart failure, and official recognition for health professionals delivering this education to patients – particularly community nurses and heart failure specialist nurses
  3. Appropriate reimbursement of diagnostic tests recommended by clinical guidelines (e.g. BNP/NTproBNP); and
  4. Further development of multidisciplinary care teams for patients with HF.

What they achieved?

To date more than 12,000 Belgians (patients, citizens and health professionals) have already signed the charter. 2

The charter has been widely disseminated, and was hand-delivered to the Regional Minister of Health, as well as the Federal Minister of Public Health and Social Affairs.

Links, references, and key reading

A public copy of the Charter is available here:


Mon Coeur Entre Parentheses:


Belgian Working Group on Heart Failure (BWGHF):


To view the online petition:


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