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What opportunities can French heart failure advocates leverage to improve care across the country?
22 February 2023

Our policy briefing examines existing opportunities to advocate for guideline-recommended care in France and recommends specific actions.

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9 things we learnt from the Heart Failure Policy Summit 2022
13 January 2023

Last year’s Summit brought together experts from the heart failure and wider health advocacy communities. Here, we reflect on some learning points.

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Innovation in heart failure: how can we ensure early diagnosis?
08 December 2022

Our ‘Innovation in heart failure: early diagnosis in community settings’ report outlines the urgent need to boost timely diagnosis and presents a variety of promising initiatives.

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It is time to put quality of life at the centre of heart failure care
15 November 2022

More than 90% of people with heart failure would like regular discussion about quality of life to be part of their care, but this only happens for 20%.

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The Heart Failure Policy Summit will put people with heart failure at the centre of global health policy debates
27 September 2022

The Heart Failure Policy Summit will offer an opportunity for heart failure advocates to build alliances across disease areas and link to broader health policy agendas.

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How can heart failure advocates in Spain seize current opportunities to improve care?
22 September 2022

Our latest policy brief attempts to answer this question, examining existing opportunities and mechanisms to advocate for guideline-recommended care in Spain.

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