Case study from Heart failure policy and practice in Europe

Comprehensive heart failure networks to support integrated care

17 November, 2020

In 2016, the German Cardiac Society launched the HF-NET programme to link hospital and outpatient heart failure services through a system of accreditation.1 To join the programme, healthcare providers must apply to the Society for accreditation as:

  • a heart failure practice (typically an outpatient heart failure service led by cardiologists)
  • a heart failure hospital (typically a local or district hospital with a multidisciplinary heart failure team)
  • a heart failure supra-regional centre (typically an academic hospital equipped to care for complex or advanced heart failure).2

Accredited centres in the same region are connected within an HF network (HF-NET) through the implementation of care pathways and standard operating procedures.2 Accreditation is renewed every three to five years.

As of October 2020, the HF-NET programme has accredited 51 heart failure practices, 42 heart failure hospitals and 34 heart failure supra-regional centres.3 Notable challenges for the programme have included the recruitment of sufficient heart failure practices to expand the coverage of HF-NETs, and the implementation of standardised protocols and IT systems to support multidisciplinary and integrated ongoing care.4


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