Case study from Heart failure policy and practice in Europe

Local initiatives to improve post-discharge and community care

17 November, 2020

The University Hospital Centre (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, CHU) in Nancy1 has developed a protocol to facilitate post-discharge care for people living with heart failure and prevent rehospitalisation. Within around 10 days of discharge, people with heart failure attend an outpatient service for a half-day functional evaluation. This includes an echocardiogram and a six-minute walk test, followed by patient education to promote self-care.

The hospital has also introduced protocols for annual revision of heart failure and treatment at the outset of heart failure exacerbation to prevent hospitalisation. There are plans to initiate a nurse-led heart failure care model.


  1. Girerd N. 2020. Interview with Sara C Marques at The Health Policy Partnership (Secretariat for Heart Failure Policy Network) [Telephone]. 10/09/20
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