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Nurse-led support in community settings for people with heart failure in London

17 November, 2020

The Community Heart Failure Service in Barts Health NHS Trust in London is a nurse-led programme that takes referrals from a wide range of healthcare professionals, including hospital physicians, GPs, primary care nurses and community nursing specialists.1 The programme is open to local residents with a confirmed heart failure diagnosis and established care plan.

Under this service, heart failure specialist nurses conduct home visits, community heart failure clinics and/or telephone consultations based on the needs and preferences of the person living with heart failure.1 They provide therapeutic education to support self-care and, in some cases, can prescribe and adjust heart failure medication. They also facilitate access to other key components of heart failure care through close working links with hospital-based heart failure care teams, cardiac rehabilitation specialists, physical and occupational therapists, mental health professionals, social workers, pharmacists and palliative care specialists.1


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