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Person-centred discharge planning, Gothenburg University

5 September, 2018

The Gothenburg University Centre for Person-Centred Care (GPCC) has pioneered a successful model for hospital discharge and early follow-up in heart failure (HF), emphasising joint care planning.

The model is typically led by nurses (ideally HF specialists), who provide therapeutic education and develop care plans with patients along structured consultation models, considering patients’ values, needs, and physical, personal and social preferences. The model has shortened hospital stay without increasing the risk of readmission, while also maintaining the physical performance and health-related quality of life experienced by people with HF.

Links, references, and key reading

Ekman I, Wolf A, Olsson LE, et al. 2012. Effects of person-centred care in patients with chronic heart failure: the PCC-HF study. Eur Heart J 33(9): 1112-9

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