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Providing integrated cardiovascular care for people with cancer

6 July, 2022

In 2016, the department of cardiology of the University of Heidelberg created the first German cardio-oncology unit (COUNT) to integrate and optimise care for cardiovascular conditions among people with cancer. The unit has developed a standardised protocol for initial assessment and monitoring of cardiotoxicity, along with a pathway to initiate treatment.

Communication between cardiologists and oncologists has been improved by participating in cancer board meetings and cardio-oncology presentations, as well as the digital recording of cardiological findings and recommendations. The unit is also involved in clinical studies, assessing the adverse cardiovascular effects of new treatments, and has introduced cardio-oncology into the student curriculum.


Lehmann LH, Stein F, Jäger D, et al. 2022. The Heidelberg cardio-oncology unit (COUNT)-a possible blueprint for
improved care of cardio-oncological patients. Clin Res Cardiol 111(2): 227-29

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