Case study from Heart failure policy and practice in Europe

Publicly funded telemedicine programmes offering innovation in HF care

17 November, 2020

E-care is a multidisciplinary telemedicine system to optimise management of advanced HF and avoid hospitalisation.1 The platform relies on non-invasive sensors to measure a number of clinical parameters (including blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level and weight), a tablet for communication and a web portal accessible by both the person with HF and the care team.2 The system sends automated alerts to the care team when the person with HF is at risk of exacerbation, prompting immediate action and helping to avoid hospitalisations. The programme also includes an educational component.1 E-care is being rolled out to Strasbourg University Hospitals.

System Poitiers was developed at the Poitiers University Hospital, in western France, to support care following hospital discharge.3 Participants have access to medical equipment at home and a mobile app to record and transmit a range of parameters: weight, blood pressure and cardiac frequency, along with a personal assessment of their level of swelling, breathlessness and tiredness. Some people report signs and symptoms every day, while others do so twice a week.3 Alerts sent to the platform are managed by a coordinating nurse, who notifies the physician if needed. People with HF are typically followed up in this programme for six months, which can be extended if necessary.4 There are plans to further develop the system in the coming years to include educational messages.3


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