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Telemonitoring in the management of heart failure

5 September, 2018

The Telemonitoring in the Management of Heart Failure (TEMA-HF 1) study assessed a telemonitoring intervention for heart failure (HF) care in seven hospitals across Belgium.

The intervention followed a collaborative approach between GPs and an HF clinic. Using telemonitoring, people living with HF were monitored daily with electronic devices, results were sent automatically to an online database, and GPs and the HF clinic received alerts if results were outside set limits.

People with HF managed with this system had reduced mortality, fewer days in hospital and fewer days on dialysis, compared with patients in usual care.


Links, references and key reading

Dendale P, De Keulenaer G, Troisfontaines P, et al. 2014. Effect of a telemonitoring-facilitated collaboration between general practitioner and heart failure clinic on mortality and rehospitalization rates in severe heart failure: the TEMA-HF 1 (TElemonitoring in the MAnagement of Heart Failure) study. Eur J Heart Fail 14(3): 333-40

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