The handbook of multidisciplinary
and integrated heart failure care

The handbook

What is The handbook of multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care?

The handbook is designed to help solve problems and drive change that will make a meaningful difference to care for people living with heart failure. It will:

  • Provide an accessible and action-oriented view of best practice in the integrated management and multidisciplinary care for heart failure
  • Provide practical tools and models for change management aimed at patient advocates, healthcare professionals and decision makers
  • Showcase innovative solutions through case studies from across Europe
  • Provide a starting point to facilitate national policy discussions on multidisciplinary and integrated care in heart failure across the different EU healthcare systems.

Empowerment of patients, carers and families is vital for long-term engagement in self-care. Every person living with heart failure has a unique journey. They may have to accommodate challenging physical, psychological, professional and therapeutic adjustment.

The needs of heart failure patients are not static; therefore, there is no single optimal care journey. There are three very typical phases of heart failure: diagnosis; care and follow-up; and living with heart failure. Depending on progression of the disease, people with heart failure may have episodes that require return to acute care or enhanced medical supervision.

Handbook summary now available

Summary – The handbook of multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care

Résumé – Guide de prise en charge multidisciplinaire et intégrée de lʼinsuffisance cardiaque

Documento di sintesi – Manuale di gestione integrata e multidisciplinare dello scompenso cardiaco

Resumen – Guía para la atención
multidisciplinar e integral de la insuficiencia cardiaca

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