The handbook of multidisciplinary
and integrated heart failure care


The following organisations support and endorse this handbook.

Considerable thanks and acknowledgement are due to all members of the HF Policy Network, in particular:

Comments on the draft were also provided by: Dr Ciara Keane, The Heartbeat Trust (Ireland); Nick Hartshorne‑Evans, CEO and Founder, Pumping Marvellous Foundation (UK); and HF Policy Network Steering Committee members Penilla Gunther MP (Sweden) and Professor Jose Ramon Gonzalez‑Juanatey, Cardiologist (Spain).

The HF Policy Network would also like to acknowledge case study leads that provided their time and insights for free in interviews: Jennifer Bayly (UK), Josiane Boyne PhD (The Netherlands), Maaike Brons (The Netherlands), Aynsley Cowie PhD (UK), Professor Inger Ekman (Sweden), Professor Plamen Gatzov (Bulgaria), Elizabeth Killeen (Ireland), Dr Oluwakemi Okunade (USA), Mary O’Sullivan (Ireland), Dr Yvonne Smyth (Ireland) and Dr Andrea Srur (UK).