Ed Harding, Network Director

   Session 1: moderator








Ed has been Network Director of the Heart Failure Policy Network since its inception in 2015. He provides guidance for all of the HFPN’s projects and policy aims, and is energised by the opportunity to get heart failure the political recognition it deserves at EU and national level. In his role as Managing Director of The Health Policy Partnership, which acts as secretariat to the HFPN, he has led many projects in non-communicable diseases, several focusing on cardiovascular health. He has led new political engagement strategies and stakeholder alliances to engage societal leaders, underpinned by evidence, analysis and expert consensus for change. Ed provides several advisory roles outside of HPP, including as Advisor to COVIRNA, an EU-funded, 12-nation project at the frontier of RNA diagnostics. In 2023, he was the recipient of the Pumping Marvellous Foundation International Award for services to the heart failure community.

The Heart Failure Policy Network is an independent, multidisciplinary platform made possible with financial support from AstraZeneca and Roche Diagnostics. The content produced by the Network is not biased toward any specific treatment or therapy. All outputs are guided and endorsed by the Network’s members. All members provide their time for free. The Network is hosted by The Health Policy Partnership .