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Canadian heart failure charter: a person-centred approach to advocacy

The HeartLife Foundation has developed a charter outlining the rights and responsibilities of people living with heart failure, which aims to drive a new national standard of best-practice care.

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Heart failure outreach: a targeted and evidence-based approach to engage UK parliamentarians

The British Society for Heart Failure uses a tailored approach to engage and build strong relationships with parliamentarians in the UK.

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Heart failure on the horizon: a call to action for policymakers in Spain

An expert multidisciplinary group in Spain developed a white paper making the case for multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care, which led to the prioritisation of heart failure in a national cardiovascular health strategy.

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Strategic consensus for heart failure: calling for action in Portugal

In Portugal, a multidisciplinary expert group developed a consensus on how to improve heart failure policy and care, as the first step towards establishing a national strategy on the syndrome.

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