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Integrated tailored care: addressing heart failure comorbidities in the UK

A multi-specialty, multidisciplinary heart failure team has reduced hospitalisations and healthcare costs by providing comprehensive, tailored care. This model has received widespread support from across the UK.

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Heart Failure Hub Scotland: transforming care for people living with the syndrome

The Heart Failure Hub aims to support the implementation of policy commitments to improving heart failure care in the national Heart Disease Improvement Plan. Its multidisciplinary steering committee includes government representatives.

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Integrated heart failure care: expanding a nurse-led programme in Spain

In Barcelona, an integrated nurse-led management programme has reduced the risk of hospital readmission and mortality for people living with heart failure, gaining recognition from policymakers in Catalonia and being adopted by other centres across Spain.

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The Heart Failure Policy Network is an independent, multidisciplinary platform made possible with financial support from AstraZeneca and Roche Diagnostics. The content produced by the Network is not biased toward any specific treatment or therapy. All outputs are guided and endorsed by the Network’s members. All members provide their time for free. The Network is hosted by The Health Policy Partnership .