Examples of what has been done

Marking a day to raise awareness of heart failure – the European Heart Failure Awareness Day


Heart Failure Awareness Day is held in May every year. It has been established as a result of the combined efforts of national societies of heart failure across Europe, and is designed to raise awareness of heart failure, including possible symptoms, the importance of an early and accurate diagnosis, and the need for optimal treatment. 1

What they did

In 2010 the European Society for Cardiology marked the first Heart Failure Awareness Day in May, with dates varying slightly depending on the country.

Since then Heart Failure Awareness Day has been held every year in May. All countries are free to participate and encouraged to host awareness campaigns and activities such as public lectures about HF, ‘open house’ events at hospitals and heart failure clinics, as well as competitions, questionnaires, panel debates and the distribution of information via media and social media.

Amongst the participating countries an award is usually given to a leading organisation or programme which is judged to have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the event. In addition, 5 national heart failure societies are awarded a prize of €5000 from the ESC Heart Failure Association (HFA) in recognition of their achievements.

What they achieved?

Since 2010 Heart Failure Awareness Day events have been held in several countries, even spanning beyond Europe. Participating countries in 2015 included amongst others: Finland, France, Belarus, Turkey, Lithuania, Israel, Greece, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Egypt, Denmark, Latvia, Armenia, Ireland, Lebanon, Switzerland, Serbia, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia.

The ESC provides promotional materials such as posters and leaflets to support countries in raising awareness for HF.

Links, references, and key reading

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