Examples of what has been done

Standardised therapeutic education tools for use in cardiology centres


I-Care 1 2 is a national programme that has developed therapeutic education units within cardiology centres in France. The aims of the programme are to organise a training course in therapeutic education and to develop standardised educational tools, designed specifically for patients with chronic HF.

What they did

I-Care started in 2004 in order to help French cardiology centres to set up therapeutic education units for heart failure patients. Medical teams can participate voluntarily and partake in a training course in therapeutic education. They also receive educational tools created by I-Care specifically designed to meet the needs of HF patients, including an education assessment and advice on diet control, physical activity and medication.

What they achieved?

Approximately 200 centres in France, Belgium and Luxembourg participated in I-Care programme and were helped to set up education units. Of these, 80% were still active in therapeutic education at the point of the evaluation (a very high rate, given that centres have to provide their own human and financial resources to participate in I-care).2

Participating centres use a mix of educational tools, including one-on-one and group teaching, delivered by a multidisciplinary team including specialized nurses, dieticians, cardiologists and physiotherapists.2

Links, references, and key reading

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