Heart failure report launched to mark awareness day

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5 May 2017

HFPN has launched a new summary report to mark Heart Failure Awareness Day 2017: The clinical management of heart failure: What is the state of play in Europe?.

We conducted a literature review of 12 countries in the EU and focused on three topics:

The key recommendations for policymakers are to define a national vision for multidisciplinary heart failure management programmes, to ensure their transparency and accountability, and to invest in sustainable models of care. The report is the second in a series on the state of play in heart failure. The first part, focusing on the diagnosis of heart failure, was published in 2016.

The online launch of the new state of play summary was part of a larger initiative to promote Heart Failure Awareness Day. Pumping Marvellous Foundation, a UK-based charity, organised a Thunderclap – a message about the causes of heart failure that was sent via various social media channels to almost 270,000 people, which HFPN supported. Meanwhile, a Facebook live chat, hosted by Irish charity Croí in association with Keep It Pumping and iHHub, gave people living with heart failure an opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with doctors.

Heart Failure Awareness Day is held in May every year, with the aim of raising the condition’s profile. Evidence shows that across Europe, only 3% of people can correctly identify the symptoms of heart failure.


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