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HFPN launches European Heart Failure Mission infographic
29 August 2023

The HFPN have launched an infographic as part of their European Heart Failure Mission to show that investment in optimal heart failure care is an investment in a sustainable and resilient Europe.

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Mental health in heart failure put under the spotlight in new call to action
20 July 2023

The HFPN published a new call to action to raise awareness of the relationship between heart failure and mental health, and drive change for this issue at EU level.

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HFPN launches its new membership page
27 June 2023

The HFPN launches its new membership page – a home for our current members and for anyone wishing to join us at the HFPN.

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New briefing provides heart failure advocates with actionable ways to improve access to best-practice care in Germany
15 May 2023

The final advocacy briefing in our From guidelines to action series highlights the opportunities for heart failure advocates to improve care in Germany.

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New briefing highlights actions to ensure access to best-practice heart failure care in Italy
13 April 2023

The latest policy briefing in our From guidelines to action series highlights the opportunities for heart failure advocates to improve care in Italy.

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What opportunities can French heart failure advocates leverage to improve care across the country?
22 February 2023

Our policy briefing examines existing opportunities to advocate for guideline-recommended care in France and recommends specific actions.

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Innovation in heart failure: how can we ensure early diagnosis?
08 December 2022

Our ‘Innovation in heart failure: early diagnosis in community settings’ report outlines the urgent need to boost timely diagnosis and presents a variety of promising initiatives.

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How can heart failure advocates in Spain seize current opportunities to improve care?
22 September 2022

Our latest policy brief attempts to answer this question, examining existing opportunities and mechanisms to advocate for guideline-recommended care in Spain.

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Developments in international guidelines mark pivotal moment for the heart failure community
13 September 2022

HFPN has launched ‘What’s new in international heart failure guidelines?’, a resource that summarises key changes in heart failure guidelines.

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HFPN animation highlighting the importance of guideline-based care now available with subtitles in five languages
22 July 2022

The HFPN has added subtitles to a recently launched animation in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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