HFPN Strategic Adviser Ed Harding discusses cardiovascular care with Health Europa Quarterly

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19 January 2022

Ed Harding, Strategic Adviser to the Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN), recently spoke with Health Europa Quarterly (HEQ) about the key challenges affecting the diagnosis, screening and treatment of heart failure.

In the interview, which is included in issue 20 of the HEQ online publication, Ed outlined how the HFPN was founded and its role in addressing gaps in heart failure care. The conversation also turned to learnings from the inaugural Heart Failure Policy Summit in 2021, which looked at heart failure in light of health inequalities, health system sustainability and the impact of COVID-19.

The key takeaway from the discussion is the need to increase knowledge and awareness of cardiovascular disease, and to make rapid improvements in European heart failure policy. ‘If you look at studies across Europe, we know that we are not very good at helping people who live with established cardiovascular disease,’ says Ed. ‘The message I would convey to anyone reading this article is that their government, or their region, should at least have a position, even if it’s not a strategy, on heart failure.’

Read the full article: https://www.healtheuropa.eu/connecting-care-for-cardiovascular-diseases/112819/


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