How can heart failure advocates in Spain seize current opportunities to improve care?

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22 September 2022


This year, Spain has become one of the few countries in Europe with a national strategy on cardiovascular health that prioritises heart failure among other conditions. But how heart failure can advocates fully seize this and other key opportunities to ensure national recommendations and targets for heart failure care are implemented at the local level?

Our latest policy brief attempts to answer this question, examining existing opportunities and mechanisms to advocate for guideline-recommended care in Spain.  This includes securing regional funding from organisations driving digital transformation, or calling on regional technology assessment agencies collecting heart failure data to provide policy recommendations.

This briefing is the first in our new series, From guidelines to action: opportunities for heart failure advocacy, which aims to equip advocates with a targeted analysis of the opportunities available in their countries and specific actions to take forward. These actions were developed based on successful examples from a number of health advocacy areas and interviews with national heart failure experts. Upcoming reports will focus on France, Germany and Italy.

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