Greta Ghizzardi
Azienda Socio­Sanitaria Territoriale di Lodi
Greta Ghizzardi is a nurse with a decade of experience in clinical, research, and educational nursing domains. In 2023, she obtained a doctoral degree in heart failure, culminating in a thesis entitled "Strategies for Enhancing Self-Care Behaviours in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure." Concurrently, she served as a university tutor and lecturer in nursing curricula. She also actively engages in heart failure research in clinical contexts, collaborating closely with nursing peers specialising in cardiology. She is currently involved in a diadic randomized controlled trial, sponsored by the University of Rome Tor Vergata, to evaluate the efficacy of remote motivational interviewing conducted via video conferencing in augmenting self-care behaviours, particularly self-care maintenance, among patients living with heart failure. In addition to this trial, she is also conducting qualitative research to elicit perspectives on remote motivational interviewing from both patient and caregiver cohorts.
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