José González-Juanatey
Santiago de Compostela University Hospital
Steering Committee
José Ramón González-Juanatey is Director of the Cardiology Department at the Santiago de Compostela University Hospital and Full Professor of Cardiology at the Santiago de Compostela School of Medicine, Spain. He is Director of the Cardiovascular Research Group in the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS) and Group Director in the Biomedical Research Networking Center on Cardiovascular Diseases (CIBERCV) in Spain. Previously, he was President of the Spanish Society of Cardiology and an advisor in cardiovascular health for the Spanish Ministry of Health. Professor González-Juanatey has received various awards: the 2008 Ciril Rozman Award of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine, the 2013 Cátedra Miguel Aleman Award of the Miguel Aleman Foundation in Mexico, the 2014 Physician of the Year Award in Spain and the 2019 ASOMEGA Award in Spain. He previously served in the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) press and education committees and is a member of the steering committee of the Heart Failure Policy Network in Europe, as well as a main contributor to the Network’s heart failure publication that was presented in European Parliament in 2017. Professor González-Juanatey has been involved in the steering committee and end-point validation committee of several major cardiovascular clinical trials and in the task force of the ESC clinical guidelines, including the ESC Heart Failure Guidelines 2016. He is currently Principal Investigator in multiple major international clinical trials in cardiology and has contributed to more than 300 publications in renowned international journals, including New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Journal of the American Medical Association, Circulation and European Heart Journal. He was recently elected to serve on the Board of the World Heart Federation (2023–24).
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