Strategic consensus on heart failure in Portugal launched

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6 October 2020

The HFPN has collaborated with the Institute of Health Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, UCP) to develop a strategic consensus on heart failure in Portugal, which was launched today during a three-day virtual conference. The document highlights existing gaps and presents specific measures to address the challenge.

The UCP put together a working group to develop the consensus. This included cardiologists, internists, general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, public health specialists, patient representatives, policymakers and industry representatives. The group met three times during 2019: first to discuss the current situation in Portugal regarding heart failure; secondly to focus on care models and potential measures to address the challenge; and finally to define the level of consensus on the measures proposed.

During 2020, the consensus document was revised in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, to reflect the sense of urgency to address heart failure and acknowledge some changes to elements of healthcare delivery driven by the pandemic.

HFPN Head of Programme Sara C Marques led the scientific coordination and write-up of the work. The report is available in Portuguese and English.

To find out more and read the consensus report, visit


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