The Heart Failure Policy Summit returns in April 2024 to bring together heart failure advocates from across the world

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18 January 2024
AUTHOR: Jonathan Cooke

This April, the HFPN is delighted to host the Heart Failure Policy Summit 2024.

Spread across two virtual sessions, the Summit will showcase heart failure initiatives from across the world that have garnered public and political support, and improved the lives of people with heart failure.

Attendees will join leading international experts from a variety of sectors and policy areas as they discuss future priorities in global heart failure policy and practice. Summit attendees will also hear about cutting-edge examples of heart failure research and care that have transformed outcomes for people living with the condition.

Registration for the Summit is now available on the registration page. The two sessions are Heart Failure as a top priority: the road to political commitment (Tuesday 9 April, 15:00–16:30 CET) and Learning from change-makers: real-world successes in heart failure (Thursday 11 April, 15:00–16:30 CET).

For too long, the impact of heart failure on individuals, health systems and wider society has been overlooked by policymakers worldwide. With an ageing global population, and increased survival from other health conditions, the prevalence of heart failure is only going to increase.

Effective political action is essential to improve outcomes for people living with heart failure and protect health systems from becoming stretched further.

The HFPN looks forward to hearing international perspectives on heart failure care and collaborative discussions on how we can improve heart failure advocacy, research and care moving forward.

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