The HFPN and 27 organisations demand urgent EU action on heart failure

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7 September 2021

The Heart Failure Policy Network has launched the Action Statement on Heart Failure, urging European institutions to address the growing burden of heart failure in the EU.

To summarise, the Action Statement:

The statement emphasises the EU’s vital role in providing political, strategic and financial support to help Member States reduce the impact of heart failure on people, healthcare systems and economies. Such efforts are essential to tackle healthcare backlogs from the COVID-19 pandemic, prevent hospitalisations, protect the quality of life and mental health of EU citizens, reduce inequalities and secure the EU’s leading position in healthcare research and innovation.

‘It is of serious concern that most European countries and the EU have no clear vision or strategy on how to address heart failure, the leading cause of preventable hospitalisations’, says Ed Harding, HFPN Network Director. ‘The EU can play a huge role in accelerating improvement efforts and galvanising political will. If we do not improve on the systemic failures that characterise the past decade of CVD prevention and management, heart failure and other cardiovascular conditions will continue to stretch our health systems and economies to their limits well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.’

Find out more and download the Action Statement on Heart Failure here.

Read the full press release here.


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