What opportunities can French heart failure advocates leverage to improve care across the country?

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22 February 2023
AUTHOR: Ellen McIntosh


In France, there is a shared national vision for heart failure, and there has been much progress in terms of policy, creating exciting opportunities for advocates. For instance, the law allows for experimentation with innovative ways of improving the heart failure care model. What practical steps can heart failure advocates in France take to address the barriers to care and leverage existing opportunities in the country?

Our latest policy briefing takes an in-depth look at this question, examining existing opportunities to advocate for guideline-recommended care in France and recommending specific actions. These include calling on regional health authorities to prioritise heart failure in their health investment plans and using freely available online heart failure data to make a strong case for addressing gaps in care.

This briefing is the second in our new series, From guidelines to action: opportunities for heart failure advocacy, which aims to equip national advocates with a targeted analysis of the opportunities available in their countries, including specific actions they can take. The recommended actions are supported by successful examples from a number of health advocacy areas and interviews with national heart failure experts. The French briefing follows the Spanish report published last year, with upcoming reports focusing on Italy and Germany.

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