Examples of what has been done

Awareness programmes to raise awareness of heart disease in women


‘Go Red for Women’ 1 2 is an annual global campaign, launched by the American Heart Association to raise awareness and funds for cardiovascular disease in women.

What they did

Because heart disease has traditionally been associated with men, the American Heart Association launched the “Go Red for Women” campaign in 2004 to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease in women.

The aim of the annual campaign is not only to encourage women to take care of their hearts, but also to gain the attention of policy makers and health professionals, and to raise the profile of prevention, diagnosis and control of cardiovascular disease in women on the health policy agenda.

What they achieved?

The event has proved a global success. Since 2004 more than 50 countries across the globe have joined the campaign and raised awareness through events including fashion shows, educational campaigns, sports activities and heart health check-ups.

For example, in Sweden the annual ‘Woman in Red’ campaign is run jointly by the Foundation for Women in Health and the ‘1.6 Million Club’ to raise awareness and money for research on cardiovascular disease in women.

The campaign has awarded nearly 3 million SEK in scholarships on research on heart disease in women since 2011, helping to challenge the fact that most cardiovascular disease tends to focus on men 3

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