Project: Written Declaration

Written Declaration
Written Declaration 110/2016 on Heart Failure was one of the first official policy opportunities in the European Union to build a clear consensus that heart failure is a policy priority.

What is the Written Declaration?

The HFPN led one of the largest political campaigns on heart failure (HF) in Europe from 24 October 2015 to 24 January 2016. This culminated in Written Declaration 110/2016 on Heart Failure, which closed with 234 signatures.

The Written Declaration requested that the European Commission consider initiatives to:

  • encourage Member States to create comprehensive national plans to drive improvement and collect adequate data on HF
  • create a Europe-wide strategy to support public awareness, patient advocacy and exchange of research and best practice in HF
  • support HF training among GPs and internists, and specialisation and accreditation of training for nurses and allied health professionals.

The Written Declaration was available in 23 languages. The HFPN also produced an infographic to accompany the campaign, available in 11 languages.

Download the Written Declaration on heart failure

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Download the infographic: what is heart failure and why does it matter?

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Why do we need a Written Declaration?

Most European countries do not have a national healthcare strategy for HF, and there is no EU-wide strategy supporting public awareness, prevention, diagnosis and management. Strong leadership from European and national policymakers is essential to reduce the burden of HF.

A Written Declaration in the European Parliament is a means by which MEPs can raise awareness of certain issues. It is limited to 200 words on a topic of EU competencies – in this case, the often neglected condition of HF.


Project funding

The preparation of the Written Declaration on heart failure and associated materials was supported through grants from Novartis Pharma and St Jude Medical.

The Heart Failure Policy Network is an independent, multidisciplinary platform made possible with financial support from AstraZeneca and Roche Diagnostics. The content produced by the Network is not biased toward any specific treatment or therapy. All outputs are guided and endorsed by the Network’s members. All members provide their time for free. The Network is hosted by The Health Policy Partnership .