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Advancing heart failure care: insights from the Heart Failure Policy Summit 2024

The 2024 Heart Failure Policy Summit aimed to share a hopeful outlook on the opportunities that exist to improve heart failure outcomes. So, what did we learn?

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The Heart Failure Policy Summit returns in April 2024 to bring together heart failure advocates from across the world

This April, the HFPN is delighted to host the Heart Failure Policy Summit 2024.

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It is time to put quality of life at the centre of heart failure care

More than 90% of people with heart failure would like regular discussion about quality of life to be part of their care, but this only happens for 20%.

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The Heart Failure Policy Summit will put people with heart failure at the centre of global health policy debates

The Heart Failure Policy Summit will offer an opportunity for heart failure advocates to build alliances across disease areas and link to broader health policy agendas.

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HFPN Strategic Adviser Ed Harding discusses cardiovascular care with Health Europa Quarterly

Ed Harding recently spoke with Health Europa Quarterly (HEQ) about the key challenges affecting the diagnosis, screening and treatment of heart failure.

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Inside the minds of decision-makers: what did we learn at the 2021 Heart Failure Policy Summit?

What links a dog dressed as a fairy, an MP with a new heart, and Michelle Obama? Network Director Joe Farrington-Douglas reflects on what we learned from the inaugural 2021 Heart Failure Policy Summit.

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Register now for the Heart Failure Policy Summit

Join the Heart Failure Policy Network for the inaugural Heart Failure Policy Summit (16–18 November) – a new virtual event dedicated to the heart failure policy and advocacy community in Europe.

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The Heart Failure Policy Network is an independent, multidisciplinary platform made possible with financial support from AstraZeneca and Roche Diagnostics. The content produced by the Network is not biased toward any specific treatment or therapy. All outputs are guided and endorsed by the Network’s members. All members provide their time for free. The Network is hosted by The Health Policy Partnership .