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Advancing heart failure care: insights from the Heart Failure Policy Summit 2024

The 2024 Heart Failure Policy Summit aimed to share a hopeful outlook on the opportunities that exist to improve heart failure outcomes. So, what did we learn?

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European Commission answers tabled questions on heart failure in EU health programmes

Questions from European Heart Failure Mission Policy Champions on the need for specific heart failure funding received responses from the European Commission.

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HFPN identifies six priority areas for future EU research into heart failure

The HFPN has outlined six area which EU funding programmes should direct investments in heart failure research.

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European Heart Failure Mission Statement launched at European Parliament event

On 25 October 2023, the HFPN launched the European Heart Failure Mission Statement during an event hosted by Billy Kelleher MEP at the European Parliament.

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HFPN calls on EU to prioritise investment in specialist heart failure nurses

The HFPN has published a new call to action aiming to increase awareness of the importance of specialist nurses for optimal heart failure care and drive action from the EU.

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HFPN launches European Heart Failure Mission infographic

The HFPN have launched an infographic as part of their European Heart Failure Mission to show that investment in optimal heart failure care is an investment in a sustainable and resilient Europe.

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