Written Declaration 110/2016

15 million hearts, 15 million lives

Written Declaration 110/2016 was one of the largest political campaigns on heart failure in Europe, running from October 2016-January 2016.


The Written Declaration on Heart Failure closed on the 24th January with 234 signatures.

Campaign outcomes

The Written Declaration 0110/2016 on heart failure closed with 236 signatures on the 24th January. By many measures, it has been the largest political campaign on HF ever.

Successes from the Written Declaration campaign are laid out in detail in our campaign report, highlights from the campaign are as follows:

In terms of number and origin of MEP signatures, successes include:

  • 31% of all MEPs signed the Written Declaration
    • 100% of all Irish MEPs
    • Over 50% in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta and Romania.
  • 45% of ENVI committee – signature from outgoing chair and verbal support from incoming chair
  • 59% of Heart Group – including both co-chairs MEP Kadenbach and McGuinness
  • 4 Vice-presidents of the European Parliament


We have had particular success gaining large support from the EPP and S&D groups within the parliament:

Other key successes include:


  • New MEP champions were recruited as campaign champions, many of the 234 signatories engaged with great interest.
  • 25 NGOs, professional groups and patient organisations from across Europe formally joined the campaign and promoted the Written Declaration.
  • MEP Edward Czesak asked an official question about heart failure to the European Commission. Question here, answer here.
  • EU Commissioner for Health Vytenis Andriukaitis met the Lithuanian Heart Failure Association (ŠNSA) and tweeted his support for the Written Declaration.
  • The Declaration was presented to the Maltese Health Minister Chris Fearne during an ENVI committee meeting, and clarification was requested on how CVD and HF will be priorities with the Maltese presidency.


  • We reached 1.6 million people with our Tweets and 600,000 people saw our campaign hashtag #SaveHearts.
  • Supportive articles were secured in Parliament Magazine, Eurativ, and with notice in Dodds and various EU calendars. We also featured in newsletters for a number of supportive NGOs.


Thank you very much for all your support of the Written Declaration on Heart Failure – together we can #changeHFpolicy and #SaveHearts!