Written Declaration 110/2016

15 million hearts, 15 million lives

Written Declaration 110/2016 was one of the largest political campaigns on heart failure in Europe, running from October 2016-January 2016.


The Written Declaration on Heart Failure closed on the 24th January with 234 signatures.

Launch of the Written Declaration on Heart Failure

The new European Parliament Written Declaration on Heart Failure was opened on the 24th October 2016. 

Both European and national stakeholders and policymakers play essential roles in reducing burden of this life-long condition. The event saw healthcare professionals, cardiologists, policymakers, representatives of health organisations and patient representatives gather to discuss the need for strong leadership and collaboration across all levels to tackle the current and future challenge of heart failure.

The event was the occasion to:

  • Preview the current ‘state of play’ in the diagnosis of heart failure, looking at policy and practice across Europe;
  • Discuss heart failure within the European policy framework on chronic diseases and solutions to address this major health challenge;
  • Look at the next steps in heart failure – exchanging views with experts, patients and specialised healthcare professionals in the expert panel and in the Audience.


We invite you to join our campaign in the coming months to #SaveHearts across Europe and help pass Written Declaration 110/2016!