Written Declaration 110/2016

15 million hearts, 15 million lives

Written Declaration 110/2016 was one of the largest political campaigns on heart failure in Europe, running from October 2016-January 2016.


The Written Declaration on Heart Failure closed on the 24th January with 234 signatures.

How you can support Written Declaration 110/2016

Members of European Parliament (MEPs)

Written Declaration 110/2016 on Heart Failure can be downloaded in most European languages from the Resources section.

You can find the email signing form here!

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Get in touch with your MEPs

The success of the Written Declaration rides upon gaining the signatures of at least half of all Members of European Parliament (MEPs). In order to collect the required 376 signatures, we need your help and support.

Please download the following resources:

Use the template letter to help write to your MEP to urge them to sign the Written Declaration on Heart Failure. Feel free to customise how you see fit, but don’t forget to attach the ‘What is HF?’ infographic as well as the Written Declaration and email signing form to make it as easy as possible for them to sign!

Please get in touch with the HF Policy Network at info@hfpolicynetwork.eu to find out exactly who has signed in your country!


Social media

Get in touch with your MEPs and help promote the Written Declaration far and wide across all platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on your websites!


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Make sure your MEP has signed the Written Declaration – remind them by posting on their public Facebook page!

Please use our banners and feel free to share this link


and post our infographic on heart failure!

(French, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch are available in the Resources section).


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Show your support by following our twitter feed @HFPolicyNetwork and by joining in the conversation around #heartfailure, #SaveHearts and #changeHFpolicy. The more people that are talking about #heartfailure and our Written Declaration the better!

We would suggest to tweet some of the following:

  • 15m people are living with #HF in Europe. It’s one the few #cardiovascular conditions whose prevalence is rising. Support the Written Declaration & #SaveHearts
  •  1 in 5 people are at risk of developing #heartfailure in their lifetime #changeHFpolicy and #SaveHearts
  • Policy changes in #HF can help save lives and make better use of #health resources across #Europe. Lets #SaveHearts

If you are interested in tweeting more about the Written Declaration, please get in touch with the HF Policy Network at info@hfpolicynetwork.eu to ask for a copy of our social media toolkit and HF statistics specific to your country.

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Please lend your support for Written Declaration 110/2016!