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People receiving cancer treatment need integrated care to manage heart failure risk
06 July 2022

The Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN) has launched Spotlight on cancer treatment and heart failure, which highlights the need for integrated care and collaboration between oncology and cardiology services.

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New guideline recommendations on iron deficiency could improve quality of life for people with heart failure
29 June 2022

The updated ESC guidelines recommend that all people with heart failure be screened for iron deficiency, and provided new treatment recommendations.

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Guideline changes offer opportunity to demand better care for people with heart failure
15 June 2022

HFPN supports the heart failure community in its efforts to drive actionable change and make a real impact on the care and treatment of people with heart failure.

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Are we failing women with heart failure?
07 June 2022

It has been argued that women are systematically discriminated against in healthcare, so what does this mean for women with heart failure?

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HFPN calls for the improved management of worsening heart failure in a new report
21 April 2022

The Heart Failure Policy Network has launched the ‘Spotlight on worsening heart failure’, which highlights the actions that decision-makers can take to prevent heart failure hospitalisations.

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The future of heart failure care – key lessons learnt from the pandemic
11 March 2022

After two years of disruption, many countries are lifting COVID-19 restrictions. We have been talking with the HFPN community about the key lessons learnt from the pandemic and how they can help shape the future of heart failure care.

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