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The unique opportunities for heart failure specialists in England’s restructured cardiac services
07 May 2021

Dr Simon Williams examines the future of cardiac services in England, and how heart failure specialists can have a vital role.

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Freedom from heart failure: reimagining cardiac services in England
30 April 2021

Join the British Society for Heart Failure and the Heart Failure Policy Network for an in-depth discussion of the future of cardiac services in England.

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Reducing heart failure hospitalisations is vital to health system sustainability
16 March 2021

HFPN Network Director Ed Harding presented a case study on preventing hospital admissions in heart failure at the PHSSR Global Summit.

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Network Director Ed Harding will present a case study on sustainability and resilience in heart failure at the PHSSR global summit on 16 March
05 March 2021

The PHSSR summit will bring together the academic, public and private sectors to share insights on improving health system sustainability and resilience.

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How can the EU support Member States’ efforts to overcome challenges in heart failure policy and care?
02 March 2021

This video series examines the heart failure policy priorities different stakeholder would like to see, including healthcare professionals, patient advocates and policymakers.

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The future of cardiovascular disease and heart failure policy
12 February 2021

Network Director, Ed Harding, examines the future of heart failure policy in Europe

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