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Heart Failure Policy Network presents handbook at event in Lisbon
25 June 2019

The work of the HFPN was presented on 25 June 2019 at an event hosted by AADIC – the Portuguese Association of Support for Patients with Heart Failure.

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Heart Failure Pledge campaign launches in run-up to European Parliament elections
23 April 2019

HFPN has co-created a new campaign calling on MEPs and European Parliamentary candidates to pledge their support for improving the lives of EU citizens with heart failure.

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Heart Failure Policy Network seeks information on multidisciplinary and integrated care
19 February 2018

HFPN has launched a call for information on multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care.

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The data dearth hampering heart failure care
08 May 2017

Despite affecting 15 million people across the EU, heart failure is poorly understood, partly because we are not collecting adequate data.

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Heart failure report launched to mark awareness day
05 May 2017

HFPN has launched a new summary report on clinical management of heart failure to mark Heart Failure Awareness Day 2017.

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More than 200 MEPs call on European Commission to take action on heart failure
26 January 2017

The Heart Failure Policy Network has worked closely with 17 MEPs from 12 countries who launched a new Written Declaration (110/2016) on heart failure in the European Parliament.

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